Best Instant Pot 2018 – Check this guide before buying!

Are you also searching for more details on InstaPot AKA Instant Pot and trying to decide the best Model/Size for you? Not one Model/Size can prove the best choice for everyone because Different specifications cater and fulfill different requirements and need. Read the detailed article below to find the best match for you and your requirements and make a wise buy.

Instant-Pot-cookingInstant Pot is a versatile cooker that plays out the role of seven other appliances single-handedly. Isn’t it sounding tempting and appetizing? On pot can be used up as a curd maker, pressure cooker, food warmer, saute pan, slow cooker, steamer and also as a rice cooker. To be short and precise, it gives you benefits of a slow cooker and the pressure cooker.

The instant pot is controlled and operated electrically. Imagination, inventiveness, and ingeniousness were the main constituents behind such a remarkable and out of the box preparation. Hiccups, hindrances, and obstacles made their way into but were all resolved.

Best Instant Pot 2018 – Winners!

What we recommend ( Clear Winner )

Though there are various models of Instapots available but Instapot Lux has grabbed the top spot in being the best value for money product. We tested all the features of the models available and Lux performed the best among them.lux-instapot

➠  Economical and all rounder (in budget)
➠  Comes with all the features
➠  Easily accessible and feasible

#1 LUX

LUX Instapot model cooks food quickly over low and high pressure as compared to other lux-instapotmodels that came before it. This new model is an improvement of the previous models with a strong cylindrical body with a larger instructions plane making it easier to operate the pressure cooker. Moreover, it is fitted with 12 control functions making it a really versatile cooker. Furthermore, the cooker comes with accessories such as rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup and rack for steaming. Furthermore, the cooker is made of stainless steel thus can be cleaned easily just like the other cookers.

The LUX models comes in three series namely: LUX Mini 3 Qt, LUX 5 Qt, and LUX Mini 6 Qt. The most amazing fact about these cooker series is that the LUX Mini 6 Qt comes in three colors; blue, red and black. You, therefore, have a variety to choose from before committing your finances. Placing any of these three LUX Instapot models in your house elevates you to another class od accessiblity and easiness.

The only challenge with the cooker is that it does not cook rice perfectly. Moreover, the lack of chilli makes the device short of real functionality.


✅   Inbuilt cake and egg program
✅   Quiet while using as pressure cooker
✅   Easy to clean and maintain


❌   Not so great while using as a slow cooker
❌   Doesn’t come with detailed instruction manual

#2 DUO ( Cheapest Option )

instantpot-duoThis automatic pressure cooker will make your cooking not only easier but enjoyable too. Instant pot DUO model is majorly an energy saving cooker. It is the most economic option if you are on a tight budget. Gives a pro kitchen service using this pressure cooker pots. This duo series of pot comes with the following customized features:

Duo instapot comes in three models namely: 3, 6 and 8-Quart format. These three-quart models have varied level of heating capacity. The 3-Quart model capacity is 700W, 6-Quart capacity is 1000W while the 8-Quart instapot has a heat capacity of 1200W. You are at liberty to choose your model based on your kitchen need. If you are the lot that hates rust, then this is the pot for you. These instant pots are made of stainless steel hence free from rust. These pressure cooker pots have two pressure levels; low and high.


✅   Dual pressure feature for faster cooking
✅   Easy controls to get used to
✅   Multiple cooking options
✅   Super easy to clean


❌   Small display
❌   Doesn’t come with detailed instruction manual

#3 DUO Plus

Instant-Pot-DUO-PlusDUO pressure cooker is a 7-in-1 programmable, best-selling cooker released by Instant Pot, and it is a slight improvement from the previous model, DUO. For first, the display channel is larger than the previous model making the adjustment of the pressure easier. Added icons make it easier to read instructions and perform tasks on the cooker. With the cooking functions included – there are additional functions such as cake baking unit, egg boiling and a sterilizer. Unlike other DUO cookers in the market, DUO PLUS comes with the function of changing the cooking pressure from high to low or from low to high mid-cooking cycle. Furthermore, the inner layer is made of stainless steel with an outer basket holder which is with in-built lid making the design beautiful.  Moreover, the prices of the DUO PLUS instant pot is reasonable compared to the benefits that come. The sterilizer is not a cooking function but it is really essential to disinfect utensils and possibly pasteurized milk.


✅   Large LCD screen  with display
✅   15 Built in programs
✅   Capable to cook eggs, rice, curry


❌  Doesn’t have bluetooth feature
❌  Doesn’t have altitude adjustment


instant-pot-ultraULTRA Instant pot has redesigned the way CONSUMERS interact with INSTANT-cookers, without the pressure of using an app, like the previous models. The new model presents us with the ability to control functions with the use of a control knob. Moreover, the control knob does not only allow for mere control of functions but the cooking temperature adjustments as well. In addition, just like the previous cookers, it comes with a choice of cooking time and pressure adjustments. The most useful feature is the delay timer and keeps the food warm, so you can delay cooking with an allowance of 10 minutes to 24 hours thus making the cooker very versatile. Furthermore, it is fitted with cooking progress control indicator which shows when the food will be ready and how far the cooking process is.  The cooker also is fitted with automatic elevation adjustments which calculate the pressure cooking time. Of great importance is the body which is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and the outer body which is sleek and beautiful.

Other accessories: Few things which come with the pot include mini soup ladle, measuring cup, rice cooker, and a stainless steel wire rack.


✅   Custom Programming feature
✅   Cooking progress indicator
✅   Can cook eggs, rice, curry, soups


❌  Lacks bluetooth feature



Smart instant pot has Bluetooth fixed and is designed for multifunction, is fully programmable and allows monitoring on your gadgets, directly.  The smart pot comes with programmable cooking with functions of the Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Porridge Cooker, Steamer, Yogurt Maker and Steamer. Since the cooker comes with in-built patent-pending technology, it is possible to create complex recipes on the smartphone and execute them via Bluetooth.  The capabilities allow the functions of the cooker to be expanded when the cooking apps are upgraded via the play store.  The food can be tailored to various tastes due to the ability to control the cooking process thus can cater for traditional, international and modern recipes. Moreover, like the previous models, it comes with a 24 hour delayed slow cooker control and an automatic food warming to preserve electricity. Furthermore, the cooker has a body designed for durability with stainless steel which is easily washable and a frame which stands the test of time. Of great importance is the ability to micro-process the cooking process resulting in consistency.

NOTE: Thus, the value of the cooker appreciates with time as it caters to the new technology, and will not be outdated shortly.


✅   Bluetooth feature to control via your phone
✅   Custom Programming feature available
✅   16 Built in programs


❌   Lots of bugs in the mobile phone app
❌   Instructions too much complicated

Why should I use it over regular pots and Cookers?

Alike the stone age and iron age, this current era (i.e. the 21st century) is full of technological advancements. Be it Nasa’s Mars mission or medication for cancer, we certainly have witnessed a lot. Though such innovations and inventions are way too insignificant, yet they have proved out to be a scaffold and joist for the progressive society. One of such revolutionary innovation is what we know as “Instant Pot”.

✅   Less time consuming – Instant Pot is capable of cooking at a much faster speed than any other cooking appliances. Though thrust and pressure play a significant and compelling role in the same. It is noted that the appliance consumes 70% of less time compared to its competitors and contenders.

✅   One Cooker Multiple Capabilities – Instant pot is capable of making yogurt as well as baking. You can also cook your early morning oat meal in it.

✅    Eco-friendly nature – The Instant Pot certainly consumes less energy owing to its highly advanced and mechanized insulation. Thanks to its top-notch insulation. The Instant Pot is well capable of producing equally tasty, alluring and mouthwatering food by engrossing and exhausting 70% less energy.

✅    Nutrients are preserved – Implementing Instant Pot would not require you to dip the ingredients in water for longer time. Doing the same may lead to the discharge of nutrients via exo-osmosis. Heat is being homogeneously (evenly) distributed while cooking, resulting in the preservation of nutrients.

✅    Abolishing catastrophic microorganisms – By virtue of its pressure cooking, it is well capable of eliminating all the disease-causing germs and microorganisms. During pressure cooking, the internal temperature hypes up above the boiling point, thereby resulting in the same.

✅    Convenience – The latest and the greatest instant pot is equipped with twelve single buttons which are proficient enough to perform twelve different operations on just a single click. It can efficaciously prepare rice, porridge, soup, meat, stew etc.

✅     Completely safe to use – Instant pot is framed and fabricated using top-notch technology which certainly guarantees your safety. It is being backed up by ten level safety precaution and protection. So no need to worry about being busted.

✅     Occupy the least space – The instant pot occupies a significant amount of less space as compared to 7 different appliances left conjointly. Its cent percent efficient is all the possible genres and may often be termed as an ideal appliance.


Are you wondering about the best instant pot and which size you should have for the kitchen? Might you be asking yourself the best instapot size is best for you? Read through to discover and find out why instapot is one of the best and the most used kitchen gadget by many because it is the most favorite. Having this kitchen gadget is useful because it can do a lot of things with a single push of a button making it different from other pressure cookers which cannot do that. This instapot is useful because it is easy to use and the safety standard of this pot is right and which is very important. This instapot is one best because of its budget. It is high time to go and grab this beautiful kitchen gadget. When you come across this instapot, you will enjoy using it, and additionally, you will be comfortable when using it. This instapot will not only use it for cooking but also in steaming, browning and also make yogurt.

The instant pot comes in 3 different sizes this sizes will enable you to choose the one that will suit you. These sizes include 5 quarts, 6 quarts and 8 quarts. In case you have a small family of 3 people 6 quarts can be suitable for you. If your family has more than 4 people 8 quarts can be suitable for your family.

This instant has several cool features to help you in your kitchen making it more useful. This instant pot has altitude adjustment making it more precise during cooking time hence no guesswork when using it. Additionally, this instant pot has cake, egg and sterilize control.  Then instapot has the new dial for natural cooking program selection; it also has cooking process indicator this is for monitoring cooking states like when you want to preheat, cook and keep warm. Moreover, this instapot has the steam release reset button, and this is for performing both continuous and pulse steam release manually. Lastly, when having this instapot, you will not need to memorize your recipe because of smart programs and remember your last customization.

Safety Features of Instapot

  • If the lid is misplaced or is not fitted accurately, the pressure cooking will not be performed. Warming and the saute functions are only being carried out while the lid is open.
  • In case of any leakage in the lid, the cooker will not achieve a certain thrust level. Its intelligent mechanism detects the same and employs the warming mechanism so that the food doesn’t burn out.
  • The lid will remain be impenetrable in case there is still a good amount of pressure inside it.
  • Instant pot is well equipped with a highly advanced vent which prevents steam jamming.
  • Instant pot’s technically progressive mechanism deals with the temperature automatically. The thermostat attached to the same adjusts and coordinates the temperature, such that it remains within a certain limit.
  • If the instant pot attains a certain limit of temperature (obviously on the higher side), it will automatically stop operating. Such sort of situation may only arise due to certain malfunctioning of the thermostat.
  • If the instant pot attains a temperature between 172°C & 169°C, it’s conventional mechanism enforces to close down all operations. Such thing is entirely possible by the virtue of a distinct fuse which cuts off the entire connection with power.
  • Its sophisticated technology regulates the pressure and ensures that it is well within the safety limit (70kPa to 80kPa).
  • If by any means the pressure exceeds a certain limit, i.e. 105kPa, required actions are taken immediately to avoid any sort of mishaps.
  • If by any chance, the pressure regulator malfunctions, then the accumulated excessive pressure is discharged out via advanced scientific techniques.


Products & Variations Available

There are various variations and series available for the same. Color variations, tech variations are the mainstream of classification. They are widely classified into several series, like – “Lux series”, “Duo series”, “Duo plus series”, “Ultra series”, “Smart series”. These series are well branched into various variations.

 For instance – the “duo series” is scaffolded by appliances like “Mini 3 Quart”, “5 Quart”, “8 Quart” etc. Similar states are being witnessed for the other nodes like “duo plus”, “ultra-series” and “smart series”.

What don’t we like?

Technically there is no con available till date, so nothing. “Ideal appliance” is the best-fitted terminology to describe the same. But the user has to be well versed with the techniques and stuff for extracting the optimum performance from it.

Do we recommend it?

Hell Yes, Probably this is the only appliance in the current market which is void of any sort of discrepancies. Though initially this revolutionary innovation faced a number of obstacles, but the ingenious developers have resolved them well. The web is the sole evidence of the same since innumerable contented and convinced users have shared their experiences on the internet. Thrust quenching and appeased reviews will unquestionably provide you with a podium which inevitably will help you in decision making.

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